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How We Can Help

Do you understand your investment opportunities (such as, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, ...)?


  • Concern:  Do you feel lost in the world of finance and investments?  Or maybe you have a strong understanding but need a professional who focuses every day on investments?
  • We can help let’s sit down and talk so that you feel comfortable with where your money is and how it is going to work for you.  There may be options that you have not considered which may help get you where you want to go.




Do you need help with your money?

Early Financial Planning

  • Concern: Even though retirement is a long ways away, how do I tie together all of my financial responsibilities and dreams (such as housing, family, vacations, college, retirement)?
    • Can my wife stay home with the kids or do we need the second income?
    • Can we afford our dream home or do we need to be saving more for our future?
    • Can we afford a vacation home?
    • How do we make sure that we can travel and enjoy life now without compromising our future financial health?   
  • We can help you generate a plan so that you are on the right path based on your own personal goals. Everyone has different needs and wants in life and our job is to help you with your financial decisions so that you can have the life that you want.

Investing for Children’s College Education

  • Concern: How will we help our children or grandchildren afford college given the rising costs and future uncertainties? What if they do not go to college? Will college savings accounts limit their qualification for financial aid?
  • We can help you understand the different options for helping your children (or grandchildren) financially afford college and we can help you set up college savings plans.

Investing for Retirement 

  • Concern: How do I rollover my IRA? What types of investments should I consider if retirement is 20 years away or 10 years away or only 5 years away?
  • We can help review the diversification of your current investments and look at what additional investments would complement your portfolio.

Managing Assets During Retirement 

  • Concern: Now that I am in my retirement years, how do I change my investments as I age and as my financial needs change?
  • We can help review your current investments and identify how to best utilize your money so you can enjoy your retirement and still feel comfortable that you will be taken care of as you age.

Unexpected Life Changes

  • Concern: There are often times throughout life when you encounter hurdles and need to re-evaluate or re-design your life path. Money is almost always a factor in determining how to proceed forward. Money is often one of the obstacles that can unfortunately increase stress and potentially limit future options. These are times when sitting down with a financial planner, who is here just to help you, can ease the weight of life’s burdens and help you move forward.
    • Child with serious health concerns
    • Death of a parent
    • Death of a spouse
    • Divorce
    • Debilitating injury or disease   
  • We can help understanding your current challenges and worries and also your dreams for your future to help you redesign your new life path. As you make tough decisions, understanding your financial options may significantly help you heal and feel in control of your life again.

Does your family understand your financial picture?


  • Concern: Does your family know where your money is and how you plan to use your money in retirement? Do they know what to do if something happens to you? Will your spouse be taken care of if something happens to you?
  • We can help work with your any or all members of your family so that you all feel comfortable about the future and so that your loved ones are taken care of if you are no longer around to take care of them yourself.