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What does a Certified Financial Plannertm (CFP®) do?&

Many financial planners develop formal and complex written financial plans. In these plans, the planner analyzes, reviews, comments on and makes recommendations on a client’s insurance policies, investments,  taxes, and retirement and estate concerns.

Unlike some other financial planners, we do not prepare formal and complete plans for our clients. We omit this in order to provide no-cost client consultations.

Also, we do not review nor comment on the topics of insurance or tax planning. Consequently, it is important to note that clients may have liability, property, health or life insurance needs that are not discussed during our meetings.


How is The Humke Group, Inc compensated for our services?

We receive commissions from the sale of investment and insurance products. The H.G.I. is an independent firm and therefore reviews and presents products from a large number of different financial product suppliers. Advantages and disadvantages of each are discussed with the client at no additional charge.


Does The Humke Group, Inc take possession of or maintain custody of clients’ funds or securities?

No. All invested monies are made directly payable to the various mutual fund companies, limited partnerships, clearing organizations, insurance companies, trustees, or other financial institutions. No monies are made payable to or retained by The Humke Group, Inc or any of its employees.


What types of clients are currently served by The Humke Group, Inc?

The Humke Group, Inc currently serves four types of clients

  1. Individuals of virtually all income levels,
  2. Pension and profit-sharing plans,
  3. Trusts, estates and charitable organizations
  4. Business entities

What is the history of The Humke Group, Inc?

The Humke Group, Inc was incorporated in October 1977. Since then, it has been located exclusively in St. Charles, IL. Its headquarters have been at 555 S. Randall Rd, Suite 103 since 2000.


Is there a minimum transaction size of minimum portfolio value necessary for opening or maintaining an account?



What are the principle financial products reviewed, analyzed and marketed by The Humke Group, Inc?

Primarily mutual funds, fixed and variable annuities, limited partnerships (including but not limited to oil and gas, real estate, equipment leasing, cable T.V.), individual stocks and bonds, and investment grade and joint survivor life insurance.


Does The Humke Group, Inc have a “clean” securities record?

Absolutely! Never a violation, discipline or censure of any kind. (In technical terms, page three, part one ADV questions are all answered “no.”)


Does The Humke Group, Inc manage client securities on a discretionary basis?

No. The advantages, disadvantages and characteristics of a particular security or investment are thoroughly explained to our clients. The literature and prospectus describing a particular investment always is provided. The final decision as to whether or not to invest in a particular program is left entirely to the client. No investments are made without the specific direction of the client.


What happens at the first appointment?

If you are interested in talking with us, please give us a call at 630.584.7343 to set up an appointment. You can come in, sit down with us and talk about your investments before deciding if you want to become a client. You can bring in with you any documents that help us understand your current financial situation. We will talk about what you want your life to be and how your money can be used to get you there. We look forward to getting to know you!