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Protecting and growing today’s money faces new challenges:  annuities, volatile markets, non-stop media advice, global investment confusion.  What’s going on?  “How do I protect what I have?”, you ask.


Nothing is for certain, of course, but an old rule we sometimes forget, is to Diversify.  Remember Enron.  Even the big can fall.  Remember American Airlines.  Even the old can go bankrupt.  Remember Bank of America.  Even the leaders can make dumb mistakes.


Protect your 401(k), your I.R.A, your college investments, by diversifying.

Put some in stocks, but not all.

Put some in bonds, but not all.

Put some in your employer’s stock, but not all.

Put some in your new business venture, but not all.

Put some in your house, but not all.




On December 14, 2011, the Wall Street Journal ran the story of someone who forgot this.  56 year old Keith Grimes of Mulberry, Florida stretched for promised returns of 14% plus.  He invested $500,000, the bulk of his savings, into one, single, speculative investment.  The sad result, it ended up, is that Mr. Grimes lost most of his $500,000 and ended up living in a borrowed mobile home.  The problem?  Mr. Grimes forgot Rule #1.  He forgot to diversify.  Had he limited his outlay in this one investment to, say, 20%, he would still have $400,000 left.


You remember the old adage about not putting all your eggs in one basket?  Remember, then, to treat your money with the same respect you do your eggs.  Carry it in different baskets.

Diversification does not guarantee results.